I Want to Make a Confession

I have these great ideas for blogs and end up not following through on them. For example, when I thought I was going to Kyrgyzstan for a month, I created the blog, Woman in Kyrgyzstan, and when I was knitting for a while as a hobby, I put up a blog called Knitting Knavess. I still have those blogs, waiting for me to get off the medication I can’t find in Kyrgyzstan, and for me to take up knitting again (both of which I doubt will ever happen). I’m glad these blogs never made it off the ground. For one, I was never going to be able to compete with the Yarn Harlot, and secondly, it quickly turns out I’m pretty happy in Arlington, Texas.

Woman WordPress another one of those blogs in that it was spurred by my hobbies and career ideas. I am a woman and I write like I am beating out a sword on an anvil with a hammer.  However, this online journal will be different from the others. Firstly, I am going to change the narrow focus. Writing is something we all do in our lives, even if it’s to write a high school paper or write a grocery list.  There are not many resources for freelance writers, not to mention writers in general.  We are a secretive bunch.  However, this blog will be other-centered and update people on all things writing. It’s something to which I’m dedicated, can do anywhere I have a pen and paper or laptop, and has many topics to explore, for example grammar or resume writing.

love blogging

This blog is for other people to read and so they can learn from my experiences and insight.  Attention, time and patience I will ask from my readers and in return give invaluable tips and wisdom.  I want you, my readers, to trust me to provide accurate and relevant information and insights.  Please feel free to comment on posts, as this is a free discussion forum.

I don’t want to do it alone. Maybe if there are others reading along with me, I can bear to face the hum-drummity and boring business bit of the ho-hum work of writing life.   If I get to share my story, maybe not all is lost.   Don’t we all want comradeship on our respective journeys?  I want your company and just maybe, you want mine.


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