Freelance Writing Job Market Research

Research. Research is what I do because I am a college-educated person and when it comes to writing I have to research before embarking on a particular venture.

I am not above trawling the Internet in search of jobs for which I’m not qualified, because knowing the enemy is half the battle. This is how you can improve your skills by finding out what skills are in demand and how you want to grow.

There are three reasons doing research on the type of jobs out there is worth it.   You get to see if you are ready, how you are ready, and if you are skilled enough.  You can see what skills you need to acquire to be competitive in the field and what  topics you need experience in. Boring and thankless work, at first, maybe, but it is exciting to find out how well you are qualified so you can consider what your options are.  You might want to head in the direction of resume building if you find that you have a natural ability in formatting documents and in drawing out hidden skills in your client, or public relations, if you are good at selling and putting the client in the best light.  Here is a sample spreadsheet entry from Freelance Writing Jobs: look and see what information is collected.

Referring Website Website Job Title Subject of Job Paperwork Required Website Address
FWJ Craigslist New Jersey Content Writer Technology
Resume, Work Samples  

The Referring Website field can help you decide where to go for the maximum number of and the most relevant jobs.  You can sort according to Job Title and find out which job boards have the most of the type of jobs you want.

The Website field where a particular job is found helps you find niche potential job markets which you would not otherwise find.

The Job Title field shows you what jobs are in demand and displays what type of jobs you can focus in on.

The Subject of a Job field keeps you to date on the trending topics to brush up on.

The Paperwork field can help you when you actually want to pursue the job you found.   You can go back to the job and see what you need to work on to land the job, for example resumes or writing samples on a certain topic.

The Website Address field is essential because if you want to find the job again and if you fit the specifications, then that job is a potential client and you want her contact email and the skill specifications.  These help when you want to tweak your resume and write a cover letter.

The Writing Job Market Research Spreadsheet is an invaluable tool to help you research online writing jobs, find what jobs are out there, to determine what your prospects are.


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