Day 2 of Writing Job Hunting 2012

It is day 2 of Writing Job Hunting. However, sleeping in, I didn’t get any work done.

I don’t intend changing that problem. What?  The thing is there are some things I can’t control. I can only write and search with the time allotted to me. The problem itself is the psychologically weakening aspect, not the actual sleeping in. I have time to write at night, I simply feel guilty because I’ve have the concept that staying up and sleeping in til 4 or 5 in the afternoon is wrong. I have to get up in the morning or I am not complete.

I don’t know how to convey my disappointment that I had not much of the day left as I woke  up at 4. This is part of writing life, too, disappointment and rejection, managing your feelings and your time.

April 28 Biological clock day

I need to say to myself, if it doesn’t affect my writing, then staying up late and sleeping in late is okay.

When you are a freelancer, you are free to write whenever, wherever, whatever, but there are some times when you will need to be up at a certain time to call and have conversations with clients about work. My disappointment is based mainly on a subjective standard which has been plowed into me and a little bit on practical basis of fact. The day is for working and living and and the night is for sleeping and the zombies is the general idea on which this is based. You will have to drop this concept ad write when you have time. Clients are usually flexible so schedule your phone calls for late in the afternoon and use a couple of alarm clocks.  This is a practical solution to time problem which can affect anyone.

Tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment at 9, so I will be up for that. Somehow morning rising seems easier for scheduled events.  I can’t wait to start Day 3 and check out those job postings, since there has been a plethora of technical writing jobs this month, so don’t forget to search along with me!

Update:  Met with Mr.” Jobs” who wasn’t quite as hot as his doppleganger, but was very charged about his project.  Wonderful.  We had a great lunch and I found out he was a vegetarian, too!   We talked about that a while, and I even got to discuss my Wild Animal Domestication Theory in length.  It makes sense, would cut down on wildlife expenses and would open up a whole new world for pet owners.  I left with the training project in my hands and I really think this is going to be a great project for me as a writer.


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