Day 3 of Writing Job Hunting 2012

I had off-handedly applied to some craigslist jobs before deciding that I didn’t really think  they had any leads for me. Craigslist is great but a lot of people there are looking for a little more than just writing hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

However, one gal, Lisa, called me and wanted to chat it up about her resume. I left a message over the weekend, telling her I was interested, and she was busy all weekend, but called me later in the week. She seemed like a cool person, she called me at the perfect time, when I was at home, when I was chilling. She’s probably going to completely redo her resume. This means I have a job. She’s going to text me tomorrow.

What do I think of the job? It’s probably short term. It’s about $50 an resume, with two resumes. About 5 hours a week. My money mind turns on.  Two resumes each $50, that’d pay for buying a bunch of writing books. That’ll pay for my books and a little to pay student loans, gas, etc. I have that face like a boss.

If it lasts that long, and my weirdness doesn’t prevent me from getting fired. Plus it’s getting warmer and I don’t worry about how to store my helmet when I’m parked.

So is this the end? It could be. Writing jobs, that is as an end in itself, if I continue in this career path.

Update:  We got half way through the project then she stopped calling me and didn’t answer my calls.  How rude.  I was pretty disappointed.  Some people want other people do the work and then forget to pay them.


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