Overview of Copy Writing Job

I didn’t know where the Sweet Tomato was.  I drove past it a couple of times, before texting Daniel.  He told me where it was, off Matlock.  I drove over the highway, twice!  Scary!


The business lunch was nice.

My first impression is that he didn’t look at all like Steve Jobs. He had the beard, but Daniel’s face was thicker than Jobs’ face, and Daniel was more tan. We had some salad bar, he got some turkey, I got some veggies.

He went through some writing stuff that I need to know for the job, like how the company covers and estimates how much editing is and how much it will cost to hire an editor, if I don’t do editing myself.  We covered my outline for the copy articles.  We are going to start with my ideas, promoting to people who need good copy.

He went off on how people need to keep themselves from getting the condemnation of the customer, and how this can really affect website google rankings.  Ranting really.

Afterwards, I felt clean and more level than I have in ages.  New people can do that to you.  I was really glad to meet him.  It was overall a good, rewarding  experience.  And I feel I have some clout with the community and with small businesses and I will get experience in writing and communicating with other people.


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