Poetry and Meetups

From the start of school, I really was into poetry writing. We wrote poems in Spanish class in 7th grade and made a poetry notebook on a certain theme (mine was cats). The tyger poem will ever ring in my ears with it’s strong rhythm and exalted subject. Not just being regulated to school, poetry always been a passion of mine. I would pen poems in a notebook in high school on the bus.  Ever since my sister was talking to my mother about poetry writing in class, I was listening and I thought, “I can write poetry.”  I made up a little poem on the spot


Rain beating down on my heart,

Washing away all of my years,

What did I do to deserve sunny days,

When I could have all of these tears.

Kind of emo, but you realize this was a junior-high, first-try poetry.  I really loved rain and that was how I felt rain was expressed, that the heat of the day (coming from Texas) wasn’t very pleasant, but I loved the cool rain.  Yet it had a hidden meaning as well, a sliver of sadness and how I felt wise beyond my years desiring to be renewed.

So this weekend, with all my poetry background and history, I chose to host a poetry meetup. I was completely inexperienced, not telling the Corner Bakery employees that we were having it, having a rinky-dink pink sign, however it was great. I had one person show up. We just talked about a bunch about stuff.

I think I will continue to write memorable poetry.  And bring it to discuss and to continue having interesting and lively poetry discussions.   This relates to my career because becoming a leader and publishing quality works can become a career itself.  It’s inspiring and lucrative at the same time.


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