Email Concept Freelance Writing

I am scared of myself sometimes.  This doesn’t happen just on Halloween, which is now over, thank the Lord.  This happens when I write.

I only am a forceful person when put in stressful situations, so when I write to a prospective client, I tend to go overboard or forget certain details that I would have otherwise have remembered.

Any problem you have in writing a letter could use your editor goggles.  I tend to write drunk and edit sober.  This means I write creatively and sloppily in the first draft and then use the second draft to “correct” to normalcy.

Thus any problems with clients can be resolved before you even meet them.  Just write an email.  Set it aside for a day or two.  Then come back and read it over with your newly found editor perspective and voila!  Mistakes changed, details added, craziness set aside.

It’s not a magic fix and takes more work and dedication.  Unless you are perfect, (and some freelancers are) I suggest this, to give your brain a chance to cool off and your selling of yourself to be more objectified.

I will be doing this and I hope you will join me!  This means I’ll be less scared of myself.  After all, Halloween is over, it’s on to Thanksgiving!


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