Well, it’s New Years Day and all of you know that I have been planning on going around gathering part time applications.

I have this nagging fear that if I put it off, I will find myself never doing it, or doing it badly later.   Because I used up all the good feelings waiting and putting it off.

However, due to the cold and the wackiness of the holidays, I have decided to wait.  This coming week and probably next week, I’ll be going around gathering applications and networking with the people in the stores, so they know me a little better and I don’t have to face cold, unfeeling online applications.

I am very frightened.  I know I am less than qualified because of my lack of social skills.  However, I can wash dishes.  Which is what the Cheesecake Factory hires for this season.  It will give me a job I can make money at, while pursuing my real dreams of writing.  It is definitely a need and I have a lot to offer with my successful experience at other jobs.

Maybe this post will inspire me a little to get off my bum and attack getting a job head on.

I’m really worried that the hirer will “get a weird feeling” from me.  I guess that’s not a big deal, he (or she) probably hires a lot of weird people.

Or that for some cosmic reason, I’m “not supposed” to get a job.  I don’t know.  There’s a lot of water to go under that  bridge.  So I’ll just keep myself in my prayers.


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