Here I am

I’ve been up in the night, when it’s not good to go job hunting.

However it has been good for some things: Worrying.  Being annoyed with myself for not being up in the morning.  Thinking about jobs.  Comparing myself with other people.  Wondering if I’ll ever have a Morning Time with God.  Asking my mom about things we are going to do together in the day time.  Writing grocery lists.   Doing nothing.  Stumblingupon.  Writing bad poetry.  Worrying about my future more.  Spacing out.  Drinking coffee and knowing I’ll never get any sleep.  Thinking about writing bad copy on textbroker and then checking it out and thinking better of it.  Wishing it was morning so I could “get stuff done.”   Writing blog posts about how bored I am.  Being generally anxious.

Makes me think that a night job or early morning would be great for me.  I haven’t gone that route yet.


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