The Book.

I have a book, a nice fat 2-inch notebook that I have had since high school and through out college that has all the handouts from my English class in them.

I have used the introduction and conclusion handout so many times and I have looked at the thesis sheets while contemplating my topic.

They have been useful to me over the years, even the poetry in the back I feel I have absorbed and used in many situations.

So As I embark on my freelance writing career, I think I will make a notebook of all that inspires. A print, down to earth, I can see it on the page notebook. And maybe it will come in handy someday.


Freelance Writing: Like a Mug.

I’ve often thought of the phrase “like a mug,” to be like a mug of tea or coffee. This definition confused me a lot.  Now it makes more sense to be like a mug as in a face.  This phrase can be used like “That’s what she said” but without the usual hilarious results.  It’s a milder phrase which can provoke amusement and confusion in others.

A writer should collect unique phrases, quotes and sayings.  I know this because I’m a writer and I do this.

A penny saved is a penny earned.