Why you shouldn’t call yourself a freelance writer

There’s a funny thing about words. Words really affect our perception of ourselves and our work. You should know this, if you are a writer. Words can build up and tear down, create and destroy. So when you pick a word to describe yourself, you are picking what you do, who you are, and how you feel all in one bundle. You are creating your universe. This is why you shouldn’t call yourself a “freelance writer.”

Writers look at the word “free” and subconsciously think, “I’ll be so free, having fun all the time! Enjoying my freedom! No cares, no pressure, no worries! Writing articles by day, trolling the 4chan by night. Happy, happy, happy, free of responsibility!”

And businesses and clients look at the free and subconsciously think “free!? I won’t have to pay them so much! This job which costs $200 can be done for $20! And if I say they didn’t do a good job it will be free! Lucky, me!”

So to prove your worth and to rid yourself of an unwanted image and to redefine yourself: self-employed author, independent author, mercenary writer, writer-for-hire are some good ones. Make a moniker up, be creative and use that tag on your resume and CV. Don’t be afraid to rename yourself, clients will respect you more for it.


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