This freelance writing thing is super intensive

Freelance writing is hard, but it has it’s rewards. I haven’t written a stitch, except what’s on my blog so a lot of it is selling yourself to the client.

You have to have the energy, motivation and stamina to pay attention to multiple lines of thought.

And you’ve got to have expertise in your topic. People don’t want to listen to someone write about what other people wrote about, sorry, researchers. People want to read about people who have actually lived an experience and have gotten a lot out of it.

I have experienced trying to freelance write. The frustration. The lack of motivation. The difficulty bridging a gap between the client and the writer to the actual audience is so brain consuminog.

It’s not a lot of writing, but marketing and improving yourself by writing CVs and samples.

I’d fight to keep myself up to date with writing and would like to focus on the experiences themselves that the ads request. It’s very difficult to motivate with no obvious reward.

I have read an article that people are more motivated to work when they give something away. So maybe that is my obvious reward.


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