How to Become an Expert

There are three things to do to become an expert.

Firstly you must have broad then specific experiences.

secondly you must have a large body of knowledge  that only you can understand.

thirdly you must be able to impart these experiences to others. This is the main goal of becoming an expert.

experience things and this is how we become an expert.

and I say this tentatively, by reading or research and listening to other’s experience.

How do you get a certain type of experience? Trying new things. Key to this: Don’t do it alone. Join a group, make some friends. Get a boyfriend or girlfriend, recconect, connect, nect, ct. If you can’t do this, get a dog or a cat or make freinds online on a social forum.

Go places.
Do things
See people

EXPER ience to become an EXPER t.

Breathe  out.

To breathe something out.

To test.  an expiriment.