Goal Worksheet

  1. Define what you want to achieve. “Not” other people’s goals for you.

  2. Not what your parents want or your spouse wants or anyone else. What do you want?

  3. And how badly to do you want it?

  4. Will you die disappointed if you don’t achieve it?

  5. Will you feel like a failure?

  6. Or will you shrug and move onto the next thing?

  7. Make a list of what gets in the way of that achievement. If everything you list comes from the outside, then you have another problem

  8. If everything you list comes from the inside you also have a problem

  9. excuses. Other people have succeeded in your industry. Figure out how they did it, and then try it yourself.

  10. full-time freelance, realize that your hobby has just become your job.

  11. What made you go to your day job every morning?

  12. What made you stay there?

  13. What made you work on days when you felt crummy?

  14. What made you work on days when you had somewhere better to go?!

  15. Always listen to industry pros; even if they wind up being wrong, you’ll learn from the experience.

  16. Seek criticism, not praise. Knowing what’s wrong will help you improve.

  17. Be ready and willing to rewrite and edit, a lot.

  18. Read what’s currently selling.

  19. Don’t take rejection personally. This is a business, so be businesslike.

  20. Make sure the Work is free from typos, spelling errors, and formatting problems.

  21. Never give up..Actually some things are extremely difficult to give up…they are written in your heart.


  23. Do good work and then put it where people can see it. What is your good work. What the hell is work? Love made visible.

  24. After 10 books, 12 years, and 460 rejections, my dream had finally come true. If you haven’t gotten rejected as much as this guy, you should still keep trying.

  25. fasting How much have you fasted? Give it up for a while, and you will learn that if you still desire it it is true and if it feels better to give it up then maybe it’s not for you.

  26. Secrets how much have you ?hid this properly? Do you feel invisible when you do this?

  27. Can you pretend you do this well? It’s not who you think you are that’s holding you back, but who you think you aren’t.

  28. What Money is needed

  29. How much time?

  30. How much energy will you need?

  31. What timing action do you need to have? Does it make you impatient? Too early. Does it make you feel lazy: too late.

  32. How much faith that this will work? If not, work the (people bullying you into silence) doubt, misbelief, belief pyramid. Or saving 20%, wants 30%, Needs 50%

  33. Do you have the people resources? Are you interested in sharing this? If not, you might have a problem.

  34. Are you doing this for someone who can do nothing for you? Can you give this away?

  35. Do you have the desire? Does it make you want to stay awake?

  36. Is what your doing needed and will you be able to give back a portion of it?

  37. Can you do it when it bores the dickens out of you?

  38. Does it make you level?

  39. talent the zoe factor, timing, spirituality, and needs all kind of factor in with this.

  40. Can you do it? If not can you find/get someone else who can do it?

  41. Can you do it in the future if you practice a little bit everyday?

  42. Can you find a position similarly that uses your strengths?

  43. I start my day with quiet time. I go to my desk in my small study and sit in stillness. Have a quiet time of reflection with your goal. Plan it. Make it happen, it will prepare you.

  44. have you prayed about this?

  45. When you have finished, give your entry a title. Take a few moments to do this. Naming is important; it gives your work recognition and will make it easier to find an entry again.

  46. The first component, inspiration, comes from my trust in writing as a way of life: a trust nourished by practice. It is a habit. A person who writes has the habit of writing. Thusly, make a habit and a practice to build trust. Inspiration comes from trust.

  47. Are people telling you how to “fix” it? “You need new supporters or better ignorancies.

  48. Are you still making mistakes with it? If you are, then you are on the right track, gloriously!

  49. Are you fooling people?

  50.  Make up your own question.


One year to a writing life: twelve letters to deepen every writer’s craft and art. by Susan M. Tiberghien

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