I am almost thirty and I have never won a contest (anyone who lived in hornsby/burleson 2005 will contest that this is absolutely not true-I won contest by the local radio station-Muse concert tickets, so in fact I have won a contest, but I mean a real merit based contest in which I enter some work for evaluation).  My loving mother would remind me that in 8th grade, I won honorable mention on a goofy growing up poem, so technically I have won a merit-based contest before, just bear with me here.

I may have won a contest before, but there’s no reason not to start now and document my trials and tribulations doing so.

Feelings embarking upon this journey are mixed-extreme fear that as a failure in life I will never win anything, fear that my escapades will not be funny enough for you dear reader, and a slight elation that I am doing this at all and that its a free country and and we don’t all wear burkas.

That and the cicadas chirping outside my window on a Texas tween summer and autumn night and I say its pretty good idea from here on out.

I have no idea what contest to try and the cost of anything. Maybe a poetry or writing contest.  Definitely not a bikini contest, I am such a fattie, and while that may not be for me, I bet there are all kinds of cool contests out there.

If I win a contest I will put any monetary rewards towards winning another contest and I will put a 20 dollar bill into a poor man’s cup.  I will also share the glory Emmy style in a video blog where I thank God, everyone under the Sun, and my family-forever you never cease to be a source of support for me.



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