so English being my field in college, and having written a number of poems……

I found a number different sites on the web which had poetry contests.  The ones I responded to were The American Literary Review, which has a $15 dollar fee and a $1000 prize and The Nicholas Schaffner Award for Music in Literature which has a $1000 award and a $25 fee for entry.

What drew me to these contests is that one has a topic-music-and the other one has a relatively low entry fee.  The latter is more generic and the first is more costly.  These are the ones I pick for now, but I’m still looking.  Both of these were found on Poets&

I am nervous and a little edgy.  I haven’t written poetry in more than a year but looking over my past writings I was not any good.  What constitutes good poetry?  Is it OK to pray for better writing skills? These questions and more flit past my heart.


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