1rst Scholarship Essay, Completed.

What are your educational goals?

My goal for college is to get complete financial aid for the spring and fall semesters of 2015 at the University of Texas at Arlington.  I have over $34,000 in student loans and probably will be paying for a long time to come, so to complete a semester debt free would be a dream for me.  As for my purpose is to graduate with a BA in Communications.  Reasons to get a Bachelors in Communications are to get a job in a flexible field and because I have so many classes in communications that it will only take me a year to graduate.  Another reason behind my purpose is to get a MA in Library Science.  I am passionate about books and helping people.  I will take several steps to get there: applying to UTA, giving a doctor’s note explaining my condition, writing an explanation to excuse the two classes I dropped in 2013, and completing scholarships such as these.  I have dropped some classes my last semester at UTA due to my disability of depression and mild psychosis.  I couldn’t focus on more than one class at a time so, I dropped two.  However, my mental illnesses are in remission due to medication and therapy and I feel I can take a whole course load.  My motivation is my family and making them proud of me, and as for God and me, I believe the best place is the campus where I can be trained and learn to serve Him.   Thank you.


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