So where to start?

Google?   Have I not used them to look up a million things in the past few days?  I say, with a mixture of guilt and pleasure. 

First things first, I’m thinking of starting by making a list of all the possibilities out there.  A definitive list.  Looking back on all the experience I’ve had such list making will be ridiculous and drive me in circles, grasping at straws, not really give direction. 

Instead look at people who are successful home workers.  They followed their passion, what they knew.  To stop such amazing people from following their pursuits would be a shame. 

The pursuits I hold dear to my heart are knitting, quilting, sewing, crafting, and home decorating, for a start. 

I like baking.  Twerking recipies, to use an often misused term.  Martha Stewart is my bestie! 

So I’ll go from there., here I come.  Purple quilt, you’ll get your backing.  Get scrappy with the scrapbook! Cross-stitch-x, marks the spot. 


Just Desserts

I’m going to post this once and then we will see what you say. 

Im consigning myself to the house.  Firma.  I don’t deserve a job.  I deserve working at home, whatever that entails. 

Some ideas that come to mind are YouTube vids, writing freelance, and, of course blogging. 

There’s so much that goes on under the radar with home job schemes, so I’m hoping I’ll not get sucked under.  In fact, I’m quite good at spotting them. 

I am afraid.  I’m afraid I don’t deserve a job.