Freelance Wordsmith Toolbelt

Freelance mercenary, huh?  I’m a freelance wordsmith, myself, fancy meeting you here in this tavern.  Would you like to know my secret?  This is not my real face.  This is my Facebook face and the one underneath it is not my face either, that’s my Twitter face.  Oh and the next one is my Linked In face.  We all have a face.  This one’s my WordPress face.  Most wordsmithing jobs are online and the client can’t see your face.  So what do you have to prove to them you are who you say you are, you have a sense of humor, you like what you like and you are supported by dozens of doting friends?  Easy.  Facebook.  You are funny and witty and interested in the topic they want you to write about?  Twitter.  You are a working professional who is connected to other working professionals?  Linked In.  And you are a writer…who can actually write.  Well, check out my awesome WordPress site. 


Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, and WordPress are now my apprentice wordsmith’s homework.  More about style and content in the next blog. 



So I went to God and found out about living for myself.

Just went to the hospital, Millwood Hospital, in Arlington, TX. I loved it and hated it at the same time.  Loved being trapped with a bunch of insane people.  It reminded me of my childhood and school.  We were all supposed to talk about our problems and there were the occasional hookup.  I got crushing on the cute boys, and there was a popular kid table.  Very much like school for adults.  Remedial school.

I learned that I have to fight for my right to be heard.  Speak up for myself, like the way that I write.  Be comfortable in my own skin.   Even if I have to get naked to do it.

I’m going to school this semester as crazy as that sounds.  I’m taking a new informatics rhetoric class and an advanced poetry class.  Two physics classes.  No wonder I went insane.  Well, I’m back with my feet on the ground, ready to write up the world and hopefully not turn into Sylvia Plath in the process.

As for contests, I haven’t looked into them much.  I’d really like to sink my teeth into some juicy prompts, but life got in the way.  I will be looking and chronicling my writing for contests, and as well my writing for freelance work.  I opened up the first freelance ad and what do I find?  They need a blog.  Some published content.  And that ‘s my story of how this post was born.