Name: Megan Coker
Age: 28
City: Arlington, TX
Degree: University of Texas at Arlington 79 hours towards English degree.
Favorite Poets: Emily Dickenson, Langston Hughes
Favorite type of Freelance Writing:
Favorite type of bread: Banana, Zuchinni

Megan Coker started her freelance writing career in 2007 when she began to write for Talia Phillips and doing the odd copywriting jobs online. It’s pretty hard to get into the biz and when she fell out of it because of going to school and learning skills at a real job, she didn’t realize it would come up again. Flash foward to 2013. No job, no school, only a laptop and some motivation to be a writer. This is it, this is for reals, this is the beginning of the end of the road. Freelance Writer Forever. FWF, FTW!


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