It’s Work

So I have my first job, working for Xavier Studios, writing sales brochures to see if there are any potential leads in the Arlington area.

I have been looking at the ideas Daniel gave me.  It is very difficult for me to write the concepts out clearly.  I am putting all my effort into it.  I’m hoping if I just relax maybe I can memorize, absorb and digest it not word by word, but point by point.

Looking forward nervously to my first feedback.  We are going over my work next week.  Should be interesting.


Day 5 of Writer Job Hunting 2012

Freelancing is a little like making a baby.  It is challenging, you have to time it right and you never know if it came out right until you see that strip that says blue.  You have to test and test again to get it just right.

I have been freelance writing on and off from 2006, when I started when I was staying at my grandmother’s house.  I just started applying for jobs online and enjoyed the tiny bit of cash it provided. Mostly, I did copy and SEO. I learned some of the tricks of the trade.

Actually at one point, I decided it wasn’t for me, probably when I got a job and then went back to school. Then this year, 2012, I changed my mind again and decided I’d give it another go. I wasn’t going to school and I didn’t have a job. I decided to consider it and looked at some writing jobs and wanted to go ahead with it. The past couple of days, I’ve been talking to several clients and it’s been a whirlwind, fun, up-and-down roller coaster. I also applied online at several websites, but no. It isn’t the right time and I can tell.  There is this feeling of emptiness, like I have nothing to bring to the table.

I do like writing. It is a good experience to have a finished piece and to feel like you have accomplished making something coherent and, in all possibility, wonderful.  I like working independently with clients to get their needs fulfilled.  People are a mystery and that is what is so attractive about them.  I’m definitely interested in working more with clients in the future, but just not at this time.

Day 1 of Writing Job Hunting 2012

Yo got a text from a potential client.  Usually I feel like texts should be regulated to the family or friends, pero el fue muy classy.

Nosotros are meeting manana a doce, al Tomato Dulce.

He wants me to do some training material writing, to which I said “I’m up for the challenge!”

Business lunches are pretty common in the freelancing circles.   That or skype brainstorming sessions.   When he asked me I wasn’t surprised.

I think it’s a better way to have communication back and forth over a good meal. I am hoping that todo will go bueno. He says el looks like your average joe, with brown pelo, a brown beard and gafas.  Steve Jobs, anyone?  Kind of glad I didn’t get a Mark Zuckerburg.

This is Steve Jobs, my guy looks like him but not as lost in thought.