Day 4 of Writing Job Hunting 2012

I am not cut out for freelance writing. It’s an unusual pattern, one laced with secrecy and disappointment.  No one I know really is except Paul E., a successful freelance writer friend. There is this mystery and strength that I think writers must have that I don’t have. A balance between the seen and the unseen, which I don’t understand. A combination of labor of the head, heart, and hand, which may not be my forte. I feel like controlling my work. I haven’t yet gotten to my work controlling me. Maybe I haven’t gotten used to the feeling of rejection, which is entwined with every aspect of writing.

I haven’t gotten an acceptance note yet from my proposal, meaning something about me and about the people I have proposed to on Elance. I am green, inexperienced and just a plain newb. This could also be because I just put up my proposal a couple of seconds ago. Meaning I’m a little over-anxious about my proposals (ha ha) and also that I expect instant results. Expecting instant results is a classic newb mistake. But really this is their fault for not responding right way, not mine at all.

This is for the resume writing jobs on that haven’t written me yet. I don’t have a lot of experience and I said as much.  I can’t wait until I know whether they are going to accept my proposal or not. I had the idea that I should message the other proposing writers to see if I could join their companies. They are very wary of choosing writers who are inexperienced. This proves that I’m competent enough for the job since I’m always looking for the best opportunity to take which translates into the best writing which I could take.

I’ll just wait until one of them emails me before applying to more jobs.  I give it a weekend before I start moving on to looking at other jobs in other places.  That is all that I can give.


Day 3 of Writing Job Hunting 2012

I had off-handedly applied to some craigslist jobs before deciding that I didn’t really think  they had any leads for me. Craigslist is great but a lot of people there are looking for a little more than just writing hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

However, one gal, Lisa, called me and wanted to chat it up about her resume. I left a message over the weekend, telling her I was interested, and she was busy all weekend, but called me later in the week. She seemed like a cool person, she called me at the perfect time, when I was at home, when I was chilling. She’s probably going to completely redo her resume. This means I have a job. She’s going to text me tomorrow.

What do I think of the job? It’s probably short term. It’s about $50 an resume, with two resumes. About 5 hours a week. My money mind turns on.  Two resumes each $50, that’d pay for buying a bunch of writing books. That’ll pay for my books and a little to pay student loans, gas, etc. I have that face like a boss.

If it lasts that long, and my weirdness doesn’t prevent me from getting fired. Plus it’s getting warmer and I don’t worry about how to store my helmet when I’m parked.

So is this the end? It could be. Writing jobs, that is as an end in itself, if I continue in this career path.

Update:  We got half way through the project then she stopped calling me and didn’t answer my calls.  How rude.  I was pretty disappointed.  Some people want other people do the work and then forget to pay them.